Personal Athletic Trainer Jobs

Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients either in a gym or in the client’s home. Trainers help clients assess their level of physical fitness and set and reach fitness goals. Trainers also demonstrate various exercises and help clients improve their exercise techniques. Trainers should keep records of their clients’ exercise sessions to assess clients’ progress toward physical fitness.

At his/her core, a personal trainer educates and instructs his/her clients on how to be healthier for everyday living.  This could be for a mother that wants to get back in shape so she can play soccer with her small children or for a businessman that wants to get in better shape so he can play pick up basketball games at the local park. 

Anyone that is qualified for the above mentioned health and fitness occupations should have more than enough training to be a general personal trainer at a local gym such as 24-Hour Fitness or Gold’s, or work as a self-employed personal trainer.


24 hour fitness – Personal Trainer – Hourly between $12 and $30 – no benefits
Gold’s Gym – Personal Trainer – Hourly between $14 and $30 – no benefits
Mieko’s – Personal Trainer – Hourly $15-25 – no benefits

According to US Department of Labor data from 2005, over 60% of personal trainers made between $17,400 and $40,000, with the top 10% making $55,000+.

*It should be noted that successful self-employed personal trainers can make significantly more on an annual basis.

It is important to note that salaries vary dependent upon years of practice, education level, geographic region and the size of the community.


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