Jobs and Careers in Athletics

You must love sports if you’re visiting SportsCareerFinder and reading this today. Perhaps you’re a college student trying to figure out how to work in sports after graduation. Maybe you’ve been working as an accountant in an office in a skyscraper or strip mall somewhere, hoping to use your skills in the sports world. Or a good writer who would love to moonlight as a sports journalist or sports photographer. Regardless of your situation, there’s a good chance you can get into a sports job if you’re willing to do some networking and follow the guidelines set forth on SportsCareerFinder.

We lay out what it’s like to have a career in sports. The bottom line tends to be:

  • The hours are long.
  • Weekend work and overtime is the norm.
  • Employees often feel underpaid.
  • Perks can be outstanding.
  • People in sports jobs love being around sports and have no plans to quit.
  • The positives somehow outweigh the negatives by a mile!

It isn’t easy to narrow down the sports industry into different pods or sectors of jobs. Really, most of the larger sports employers are large businesses and therefore employ people in positions found at most companies: Accounting, finance, business management, marketing and promotions, communications, information technology (IT), human resources, and so forth. There are differences, of course! Perhaps you’re looking for a football coach job or other specific football jobs or baseball jobs. In addition to the business-oriented jobs there are also positions specific to sports. We touch on both kinds of jobs in these industries:

Just about every sports career option you can think of is covered on SportsCareerFinder. It’s likely that you know someone who works in sports in some manner. Do you know anyone who coaches youth soccer or baseball? Perhaps a friend of yours makes a few extra bucks every week refereeing soccer games or coaching track for the local Boys and Girls Club or YMCA. Many non-NCAA football coaching jobs — e.g., Junior College Football, high school football — are handled by folks who work ‘day jobs’ outside of sports. The same goes for other sports.

You have to break in somehow and people are doing it everyday. Did you know that if you love sports, have specific knowledge of one or more teams, and can write, that it’s possible to get paying job working for an online sports publication? Writers are needed!

With your membership to SportsCareerFinder you’ll learn the ins and outs of finding sports jobs and get the advice needed to get your foot in the door.

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