Marketing Consulting (Sell-Through Specialist)

Marketing consulting company jobs allow employees to work with industry leaders for in-store marketing and merchandising services. These sports positions include both part-time opportunities as well as full-time positions to work exclusively in the sporting goods, outdoor, and active lifestyle industries.

These companies seek highly motivated, enthusiastic, and talented individuals. The atmosphere, although competitive, is also built around a strong sense of teamwork. These teams work to increase the sales, brand recognition, and presence of clients at the retail store level. Sell-Through Specialist’s partner with major vendors such as Asics, Under Armour, Teva, Powerbar, Smith and many others to help accomplish the above mentioned goals. Along with the benefit of working with high profile companies, many of these jobs offer flexible schedules.

Below are some common responsibilities that tend to be part of a marketing consulting position.

  • Establish strategic alliances with given retailers, building strong relations with key decision makers within those companies, ensuring complete & timely execution of in-store initiatives.
  • Gain and secure prime retail positioning and real estate for client’s products in all retailers store locations. This includes any location that sells vendor products.
  • Help clients execute monthly store objectives and promotional initiatives to enhance store presentation and drive retail sales for vendors.
  • Provide on-going merchandising, product-awareness, and market intelligence services to maximize client sales. This includes online research, going to competitor locations and speaking to store personnel and customers.

Although there is no set experience level needed for these positions, most require either a four-year degree or significant experience in the retail sector. The common number of years experience is either 1-2 years with college degree or 4-5 without. Because this type of position also relies on presentation skills, it is also a good idea to make sure you are comfortable with, at a minimum, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Compensation is usually based upon a salary that ranges from $31,000 to $45,000. On top of the base salary, other benefits including; monthly compliance bonuses, monthly allowances for travel, and generous vendor discounts are also commonly received. Pay is commonly on a bimonthly schedule.

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