Professional Sports Careers – Team Jobs

Working for a professional sports team is something that a great number of people in America and abroad aspire to – and with good reason. These jobs allow people access into their favorite sport as a full-time job. What is better than working for a top-notch professional team and all of the prestige that comes along with it? The main downside to all of this is that there are only a finite number of teams and therefore positions available, making the competition extremely intense. The following pages will attempt to give insight on the potential jobs available to those interested in working for a professional team. Reading through these sections will help to give you a better understanding of the specific position that fits your interests best.

In Focus: Cooking for an MLB Team

Those working for professional sports teams complete a great variety of different tasks from marketing and branding of the team, to selling sponsorships and managing those business relationships, to selling tickets. Other jobs both for the team and for the facility work as event planners and managers, handling all of the logistics required to make the event a success in the eyes of the fans.

Each professional sports team job section will include; an explanation of job functions, the different levels of compensation, training, and experience needed for the job and resources that may be useful for your job search.