Athletics Administration Jobs Overview

Currently, jobs that are available in athletic administration require a master’s or doctoral degree and experience in a related occupation, such as a teacher or educational counselor. Additionally, strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential because much of an administrator’s job involves working and collaborating with others. Opportunities are outstanding for aspiring athletic administrators since a large proportion of education administrators are expected to retire over the next 10 years.

The industry of sports management has become an increasingly attractive field for young aspiring education professionals; therefore a large number of new degrees in athletic administration are providing a significant advantage for those that wish to work in this venue. Most Athletic Administration programs were based with physical education and recreation courses, but colleges and universities have now developed a number of curriculums that feature a very solid “business” base. College degree programs in sports administration are designed to prepare students for careers in sports business, administration and marketing. Colleges, universities, high schools, sport and apparel manufactures, sports arenas, sport marketing firms, athletic clubs, and professional sports teams are among the most popular organizations and enterprises that seek personnel that are highly trained.

Those aspiring to manage and promote professional, collegiate or high school athletic organizations will find a degree in sports management is a priority. Most sports management programs require the student to meet the university or college standard for a Master’s degree that has courses emphasizing business principals. Also, an internship is often a final capstone requirement for the student.

Students who are interested in the field of sports administration will find programs geared toward building skills that will effectively mange a wide variety of sport-related enterprises including intercollegiate athletics, high school athletic directing, amateur and professional sports, sports marketing firms, special event management and facility management. The degree program is designed for students who are currently planning a profession in athletic administration. These programs include business management, accounting, statistics, marketing and an internship is often required.

Careers in sports administration are quickly available to students who pursue a dual law degree with their master’s of science degree in sports administration. The dual JD/MS in sports administration provides law students with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of management of sports programs, personnel, and facilities. There are only a couple programs available nation wide and they focus the academic preparation on an interdisciplinary curriculum form courses offered through the physical education departments, MBA programs, and other programs in graduate education such as Psychology, Education, and Communication. There is an increased frequency in sports administration and facility management professions that requires a wide variety of legal issues. The combination of a law degree with an MS or MBA degree provides graduates with the flexibility to pursue career opportunities in a wide range of occupations. The most sought after professions for students with this background are college compliance officer, sports agent or commissioner of sports leagues or conferences.

Athletics Administration Jobs