Sports Agent Jobs – Agency or Independent?

A sports agent can work either independently, or for a major agency. While the primary job functions are largely the same, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to working in each capacity.

Sports Agencies – Pros:

  • It is much easier to get in front of prospective clients with the backing of a major agency name
  • There are larger available budgets for advertising and recruiting costs

Sports Agencies – Cons:

  • An agent can be relegated to an administrative role, making regular contact with the athletes difficult
  • With so many agents and so many clients, it can be difficult to provide a consistent level of service to all athletes on the firm’s roster

Independent Pros:

  • Ability to call all the shots
  • Can use entrepreneurial abilities to pursue ‘a diamond in the rough’ athletes overlooked by agencies

Independent Cons:

  • Without a reputation, you have to work harder to attract clients
  • Fewer resources to promote and market clients

Not surprisingly, many successful independent agents eventually join or form their own agencies. Once an agent has demonstrated an ability to sell their skills and produce results for their clients, the major names will take notice. Agencies often buy an agent’s practice, adding the agent’s talent and his or her entire client roster to their inventory of sports marketing tools.


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