Sports Internships

Even more than in other industries, internships are critical to young professionals starting a career in sports. Temporary jobs, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to one year, internships are entry-level positions at sports-related companies that allow students or recent graduates to learn the basics involved in a particular field.

Focus On: Athletics Internships

As what industry insiders refer to as a “glamour industry,” the sports business arena is a highly competitive space. This means that the demand for sports¬†jobs is much greater than the available supply. Employers are looking for a way to differentiate the quality candidates, while job seekers are looking to find an edge to rise above the masses. Internships, therefore, are a perfect solution. Companies receive cheap labor and an “extended interview” period that allows them to evaluate interns for potential future employment. Interns, in turn, gain real-world experience and the opportunity to build their network and resume.

It is not uncommon for a sports internship to lead to a job offer. According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, respondents reported that they extended offers for full-time employment to nearly 70% of students who served internships with their organizations one year; several years prior they offered jobs to just 57%. If you get the right opportunity and make a great impression, you too can be part of that group.

Why You Need a Sports Internship