Sports Facilities – Concessions Jobs

Joining a concession crew is a part-time event operations job that will afford the opportunity to work in an exciting environment and meet new people, while supporting the local professional or collegiate sports team or other event.

Because concessions positions are part time and usually pay by the hour, there are much less stringent requirements to get the job.

The top three requirements include:

  1. Be at least 16 (sometimes 18) years old
  2. Have availability both weekdays and weekends when events are held
  3. Have prior food service experience

One of the more popular concessions jobs is with the Catering Set-Up Crew. In this position employees set up catering equipment, supplies and décor for those in higher priced sections of the stadium or event center. Catering Crews pull proper equipment, maintain all service and storage areas, field phone calls from suite attendants and enter orders into a computer system, record and process payment information, generate invoices, and field phone orders and complaints.

For Catering Crew jobs, hotel, restaurant or previous event experience is preferred.

There are also regular concession jobs working a food court or booth. These jobs are much easier to acquire than catering, but often have more strenuous work environments. The most widely known company that runs concessions for event centers is Aramark. They work with every type of event and service center from hotels to professional or collegiate sports venues.


There is very little variance in pay for concessions positions across leagues and sports. The variance is from around minimum wage to about $15 per hour. There are a very small number of positions within concessions that pay more including suite attendants, however many of them still make around $15 and the additional money is through tips.

Major League Baseball: Min. Wage – $15 per hour + Overtime
National Football League: Min. Wage – $18 per hour + Overtime
National Basketball Association: Min. Wage – $15 per hour + Overtime
National Hockey League: Min. Wage – $15 per hour + Overtime
Collegiate: Min. Wage – $15 per hour + Overtime

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