Sports Industry Research

Looking for an sports internship is very much like looking for a job. The first step is figuring out which field you’d like to work in. To gain a solid understanding of the array of jobs in sports, get your hands on as many resources and current literature as possible. By visiting this site, you’ve already taken an important step toward building a good knowledge base on the sports industry. In addition to the information here, some other good resources are:

SportsBusiness Journal (SBJ; – Considered by most in the industry to be the premiere source of sports business news and commentary. In addition to learning more about sports business, you will find many potential internship sources by picking up on company names listed in current stories.

SBJ is a subscription based publication, available online and through the mail. It publishes weekly, while its sister publication, SportsBusiness Daily (, distributes an online based newsletter five days a week. ( – this London-based outfit touts itself as the ‘world’s leading supplier of information, media and B2B marketing services to the sports industry.’ At the site’s homepage you can sign up for a free daily newsletter that features highlights of the day’s sports business news from around the globe. There is also a monthly magazine available for subscription purchase.

These are just a few examples of the plethora of information available free or at little cost. Spending some time on the Internet visiting the websites of industry leaders will give you a better grasp on your professional interests. Being knowledgeable on the current industry trends will benefit you greatly as you start begin interviewing, giving you the background and context you need to speak confidently about your area of interest.

Interviewing for Sports Internships