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Working in professional sports, especially for a professional sports league like the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, or NHL, is something that a great number of people in America and abroad aspire to…and with good reason. These sports jobs not only pay better than jobs with pro sports teams and event management jobs, but they provide an outlet for the most exciting sports and events held worldwide.

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For many people, including yourself if you’re reading this, there is nothing better than working for a world-class professional league. A lot of prestige comes along with the job opportunities. The work environment is demanding but the experience is pretty awesome.

Positions in a Typical League Office

As a SportsCareerFinder member you’ll learn what it’s like to work for a sports league and what types of jobs are available.

Every major professional sports league employs many people to complete the huge variety of tasks necessary to keep the league running efficiently year round. There are team marketing and branding, sponsorship deals, and managing those business relationships, to dealing with league operations, rules changes, labor issues, charitable programs, communications, player drafts, penalties and fines, and upkeep of the league website.

People working at the league level really have no prolonged downtime!

Want to learn more about sports league jobs? Here is a list of positions detailed on SportsCareerFinder:

  • Marketing Manager Jobs – Marketing managers develop the league’s detailed marketing strategies. With the help of marketing assistants and market research personnel, they estimate demand and create a brand image for the league, much like their counterparts at the team level.
  • Marketing Coordinator Jobs – The league’s marketing coordinator is responsible for assisting the marketing manager in the development of marketing strategy and for taking primary responsibility for the execution of marketing initiatives.
  • Sponsorships Sales Manager Jobs – Responsible for developing strategic alliances with all corporate partners making sure they are fully integrated, long-term and focused on the unique objectives and priorities of each individual partner.
  • Sponsorships Services Account Manager Jobs – Responsible for managing relationships with corporate sponsorship partners, and implementation of all contractual elements, including radio, signage, publications, in-arena and retail promotions, community programs, events and hospitality.
  • Accounting and Finance Jobs – Responsible for dealing with with cash flows, assets, liabilities, revenue, and general accounting. Some of the key areas dealt with on the league level are sponsorship dollars; CBA information and salary cap / raw salary data, depreciation and amortization of the stadium and/or the teams purchase price, television revenue and league revenue sharing dollars coming from the teams.
  • Sports Legal Counselor Jobs – Deal with contract issues related to all aspects of league operations, from sponsorship to marketing to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and revenue sharing.
  • Public Relations Jobs – PR managers are tasked with a wide variety of jobs, from writing all press releases to updating website news, to normal publicity efforts for pre-, during- and post- season as well as during off-season events. PR managers also act as a media liaison between league and local, national and international media, as well as point of contact for all broadcast outlets.
  • Operations Manager Jobs– Deal with the day-to-day operations of the sports league, including; fining players for detrimental conduct, hiring and firing umpires, referees and other event officials and creating and managing league policy.
  • Database and Website Management Jobs – If you’re a database manager, networking guru, or web developer then there’s a job waiting at a professional sports league.

These are just some of the positions detailed in the professional sports league jobs section of SportsCareerFinder.

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