Sports Media Jobs – Education Requirements

In order to secure just about any professional career in this day and age, a bachelor’s degree is a highly recommended asset. You’ll greatly enhance your chances of landing a sports journalism job if you have obtained a degree in journalism.

Preferred majors include journalism, communications, and English.

Some employers will accept other forms of degrees provided the candidate can demonstrate an ability to clearly communicate ideas (verbal or literary) and perform the job.

In addition, many prospective candidates can benefit from a master’s degree in journalism and/or communications. Some candidates might think ‘œI know how to write or flip a switch so why do I need a degree?’ In response to that frame of thought, the benefits and value of college must be considered.  Inside the classroom, assignments and projects provide students with experiential learning opportunities that are constructively criticized by peers, professors, and industry professionals.  Furthermore, it helps students develop writing styles and create portfolios of work that can be displayed later when interviewing for a position.

Colleges also provide the training grounds for real world experience through college radio and television stations along with school newspapers. These avenues provide valuable experience in settings similar to major media outlets.

Another benefit of school are the alumni networks that can open industry doors for students seeking their respective careers. Many college programs are affiliated with professionals in their industries through alumni networks. These alumni serve as valuable resources for current students and avenues for potential internships and full-time jobs.

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