Pro Team Jobs – Director of Suite Sales

The Director of Suite/Group Sales & Services leads the daily activities of the season premium seating sales and service department, group sales department, and often the ticket operations department. The Director of Suite Sales job is at the top of the totem pole. It is about leadership and development of creative sales strategies, new business generation, sales training, development of best sales practices, and tracking of results. Suite sales directors often work very closely with the sponsorship sales and account management teams, because the team uses suite inventory as part of their activation benefits for partner companies.

As with all directorial positions, those in this position must provide leadership for the ticket and premium sales and operations team. This includes recruiting, training, and developing all ticketing and service staff members. Suite sales directors also work with ticket sales directors in the development and implementation of all ticket sales and service strategies and promotional plans to achieve departmental goals.

The key to all managerial ticket sales positions is to develop procedures for outbound ticket sales efforts that address the following for both season ticket and group ticket sales: sales and service practices, prospecting, lead generation, product development, and the creative implementation of strategies to maximize sales and fill the building. This boils down to maximizing revenue potential for the team with respect to the sale of tickets.

As with general ticket sales directors, suite sales directors complete additional related tasks especially in smaller markets with smaller marketing and community relations staff including: monitoring customer service inquiries, maintaining systems for timely response to all-related fan requests and feedback, maintaining weekly sales reports updates for senior management and the central accounting office, and participating in other related franchise marketing, sales and event projects.


These salaries are not static and vary dependent upon many factors such as years of practice, education level, geographic region and team reputation.

Major League Baseball: $65,000 – $110,000
National Football League: $70,000 – $120,000
National Basketball Association: $65,000 – $100,000
National Hockey League: $56,000 – $87,000

*the reason for the¬†wide ranges in salary is that this position is heavily weighted on commissions. Individuals with great initiative and sales abilities can make much more than a counterpart that doesn’t apply him/herself.

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