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Sports arenas and stadiums are incredible revenue generators. This is particularly true over the last 25 years. Our industry research shows that more than 185 major sports facilities have been erected since 1990, with total building costs in excess of $20 Billion. Maybe you’ve got one of those newer facilities in your own city or town?

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New facilities mean job opportunities, and if you like being around and involved in sports then try to get in on the facility job angle.

Jobs in Ballparks, Arenas, and Stadiums!

In this sports employment niche the number of new job opportunities every year is astonishing – both full- and part-time positions.

Think: baseball – minor and major league, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, horse racing, motorsports, cricket.

There’s really no end to the building that’s going on. Not just in the United States either.

Types of Athletic Facility Positions

Operating a major sports facility takes a huge staff of well-trained people performing a variety of different tasks. These positions carry a similar prestige to working for a professional sports team, and therefore competition for the job openings can be fierce. Like jobs with professional sports teams, these jobs allow people access into the sports and entertainment world as a full-time job.

Want to learn more about jobs at stadiums, arenas, and ballparks? Here is a list of positions detailed on SportsCareerFinder:

  • VP for Operations Jobs – Responsible for directing all facility business and operations functions to ensure quality service to teams and fans.
  • Director of Operations Jobs – Directorial level employee’s responsibilities are more geared toward the actual day to day operations of the operations event staff and include the hiring and firing of that staff.
  • Facility Manager Jobs – The Facility Manager works with accountants, marketers, team personnel, and often outside strategists to help produce creative ideas that allow the facility to be financially viable.
  • Facility Night Manger Jobs – The Night Manager provides supervision of changeover and overnight janitorial crew to ensure facility readiness from event to event including planning, budget development, and coordination and scheduling.
  • Sporting Event Manager / Event Coordinator Jobs – An Event Coordinator/Manager assists the Director of Event Operations in coordinating and managing all non-team related events at the stadium and/or event center.
  • Facility Security Jobs – Sports facility security personnel oversee the venue as well as report and deter fire, theft, vandalism, and unauthorized/illegal entry. Security officers are often greeting and directing people as well as controlling access and watching over the property.
  • Concessions Jobs – Joining a concession crew means part-time, often seasonal work that will afford the opportunity to be in an exciting environment and meet new people, while supporting the local professional or collegiate sports team or other event.
  • Guest Relations Event Staff – Guest Relations Staff are the primary contact for club level patrons, suite owners and VIP event guests. Positions include ushering, ticket checkers and takers, club level entrance monitors, greeters and information personnel.
  • Building Maintenance and Engineering Jobs – Engineering crew members perform a variety of tasks related to engineering, maintenance, upkeep and safe operations of the event center and related facilities. They also assist with field and facility conversions preparing for various events at the facility.

These are just some of the positions detailed in the sports facilities jobs section of SportsCareerFinder.

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