Sports Radio Jobs – Behind the Scenes

If you do not consider yourself a good candidate as on-air talent, many behind-the-scenes jobs can fulfill that desire to work in sports radio.

The sports talk radio host never works alone. S/he is usually supported by a show producer who handles most of the behind-the scenes duties that help the show run smoothly. These duties while the show airs, include coordinating production elements, commercial spots, segment length, screening callers, and securing interviews. When the show is not on the air, the producer also must brainstorm show ideas, write segments, coordinate giveaways, and maintain the show’s budget.

The actual degree of responsibility will usually vary depending on the size of the market of the station and the number of staff members available at the time of the show. With most late night shows and small markets, producers are expected to take on more of these tasks because of the staffing situations at these stations. Depending on the situation, the producer may also do live reports from in-studio or on-site and/or fill-in on the air when the primary host is on vacation.

As with any sports-related property, radio included, sponsorships and advertising need to be sold to pay for costs of running the station. In addition, most of these stations have a marketing and promotions department to execute events and build listener loyalty. However, these positions for the sports radio station are sometimes combined with the other stations in the city that are owned by the same parent company.

How to Break In – Broadcast journalism classes, college radio stations, interning at a radio station, small market radio stations

Recommended Skills – Well organized, creativity, knowledge of all sports and current events, command of the language, speaking articulately, networking, sense of humor, interview skills, multi-tasker

Major Players – ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, Clear Channel, Viacom, Premiere Radio

Salary Range – $0 to $100,000+

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