Corporate Sports Marketing & Sponsorships

Some companies are so heavily involved in sports sponsorship that they create positions to manage the brand’s involvement in sports marketing.  Scores of companies spend millions of dollars each year on their sports relationships, creating plenty of job opportunities. The dollar amounts and the number of corporate spenders continue to grow, driving demand for expert sponsorship managers at the corporate level.

While different than working for a sports property or an agency, managing sponsorships from the corporate side is still considered a sports job.  The difference is, rather than selling the passion and connection sports makes with consumers, the corporation is buying that association.  Companies worldwide have long understood the effect that association with sport has over consumer behavior. Take for example, the unmatched loyalty of NASCAR fans, who according to league research, are three times more likely to buy a sponsor’s product or service over its competitors. Longtime partners like Coca-Cola and Chevrolet spend a good proportion of their multimillion dollar sponsorship budgets on their valuable NASCAR relationships. 

In order to build the brand image they desire, professionals in sponsorship for major corporations must have an excellent understanding of the current sports landscape and the benefits available. An effective sponsorship strategy will match a corporation’s consumer demographic closely with that of a desired property. Reaching out to these consumers will maintain the sponsor’s relevancy and lead to a positive business return.

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Sports Sponsorship Jobs at Corporations