Pro Team Jobs – In-Game Marketing Coordinator

In-game marketing coordinators are tasked with ensuring the stadium or arena entertainment runs smoothly while fans – aka, consumers – are watching the game. This is not specific to running corporate partner promotions throughout the stadium such as lead generating booths; however some work will likely be done helping team sponsors activate against their partnership. In-game coordinators are more like event managers. They manage the logistics of events on the court or field that are not the actual sport itself. Some examples of activities include: dance squads, singers, and fan participants, e.g. kids to run around the bases at a baseball game.

Along with managing actual performers at the stadium or arena, the coordinator also handles the video board. They manage all of the content that goes on the video board during the game and work with production to determine fun games for fans to participate in such as trivia or voting on the next song to be played.

Although the title refers to in-game responsibilities, much of what the job entails requires time spent in an office setting. Creating staff and event schedules, communicating with event contacts, and managing premium items and equipment inventory are a few of these tasks. Some others include supervising part-time staff at external events, working closely with partners to coordinate a large variety of fan development programs that focus on marketing the team and its fan development within the community, and managing the “street team.” The street team is a group of younger people who are tasked with creating buzz about the team at different events and activities within the team’s local market. These part-time employees often report directly to the in-game marketing coordinator.

In-game marketing coordinator is a perfect fit for someone that is very creative and has a pulse on what the fans want. Because a large part of the job is creating and managing events individually, the position really requires a self-starter that is comfortable working in a fast paced ever-changing environment.


The following ranges of salaries were gathered by surveying in-game marketing coordinators within the respective professional leagues. These salaries are not static and vary dependent upon many factors such as years of experience, education level, geographic region and team reputation.

Major League Baseball: $25,000 – $45,000
National Football League: $34,000 – $55,000
National Basketball Association: $30,000 – $50,000
National Hockey League: $27,000 – $43,000

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