Pro Team Jobs – Ticket Sales Account Executive

A ticket sales account executive is a great position for someone that wants to break into the field and has little experience with marketing, branding or sponsorships. Having a four-year degree and some sales experience are the best ways to get your foot in the door and at least get an interview. As you’ll learn on the next page, having a friend or acquaintance in the industry can give a candidate a significant boost. Familiarity breeds comfort, and therefore being a known quantity makes it much more likely the candidate will be selected. This doesn’t mean that if you know someone you are guaranteed a ticket sales job, but rather it opens the door for you to show them how valuable you can be for their organization.

In Focus: Sports Ticket Sales Jobs

This position requires an aggressive and enthusiastic personality who can articulate the team’s value proposition to key consumers. Account executives also need to be able to work in a collaborative team environment with fellow sales staff members. As a member of the sales and marketing team sales executives will have to perform the following activities successfully:

  • Timely follow up with all incoming leads and qualifying each contact accurately
  • Disseminating appropriate team related information to prospects
  • Daily outbound calling (both cold & warm) to prospects on target account lists
  • Prospecting, generating, and qualifying leads.

The ultimate objective of the above tasks is to meet and exceed a set quota of leads as well as closed deals. Account executives must develop and maintain daily and monthly sales metrics to make sure they are hitting their assigned quota.

Ticket sales is a fast-paced job that demands a significant amount of time and energy, but those that succeed have a great chance to move up the ladder within the organization and play an even more significant role in the financial success of the team. In other words, this sports job can help launch your career in professional sports.


The following ranges of salaries were gathered by surveying team personnel within the different professional leagues. These salaries are not static and vary dependent upon many factors such as years of practice, education level, geographic region and team reputation.

Major League Baseball: $24,000 – $70,000
National Football League: $28,000 – $78,000
National Basketball Association: $24,000 – $65,000
National Hockey League: $21,000 – $55,000

*the reason for the drastic ranges in salary is that this position is heavily weighted on commissions. Individuals with great initiative and sales abilities can make much more than a counterpart that doesn’t apply him/herself.



Interview – NFL Ticket Sales Account Executive