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Career Paths in Athletics

Careers in the sports industry are available and varied. This is no surprise given that sports isn’t just an "American" thing — they’re across the globe, be it in large cities or small towns. For this reason, sports jobs offer potential candidates an incredible opportunity to find work close to home or somewhere exciting in new territory. It is very common for people just starting their sports career to finish college and take a sports job the first place they can find one. You might work for a couple of years at a small college, doing sports marketing and promotions, then take a similar job at a larger college hundreds or thousands of miles away. A few years later perhaps you’ll be an Associate Athletic Director for Marketing and Promotions inside a prominent athletic department.

If you want to get involved with sports as a career then get ready for excitement and some occasional instability. Also, be aware that — like the athletes on the field or on the court — people working in sports are also very competitive. They tend to be ready for a challenge and do what it takes to move ahead.

Want to learn more about starting a career in sports? Here is a list of positions detailed on SportsCareerFinder plus some more new information on the horizon:

  • Sports Marketing and Sponsorships
  • Professional Sports – Team Jobs
  • Professional Sports – League Jobs
  • Athletics Administration Jobs – College and K-12
  • Sports Internships
  • Athlete Representation – Sports Agent Jobs
  • Sports Facilities
  • Health and Fitness Jobs
  • Sports Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Action and Extreme Sports
  • Special Events (coming soon)
  • Sporting Goods, Equipment, and Apparel

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