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Robert Dos Remedios’ interview gives a good background on what a strength and conditioning coach does on a daily basis, and some of the positives and negatives of the job. Below is a laundry list of job functions completed by┬ápeople in┬átypical strength coach. jobs

Strength coach duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Developing year-around strength and conditioning programs for student-athletes as well as determining all aspects of training cycles and phases.
  • Planning appropriate sport-specific exercises, exercise sequences, sets, repetitions, and recovery periods for all sports; evaluates appropriate correlation of fitness components necessary to meet optimal individual performance levels.
  • Ensuring the minimizing of risk and severity of potential injuries through appropriate program design; collaborates with medical professionals to recondition athletes following an injury.
  • Working closely with nutritional professionals to advice athletes regarding appropriate nutrition for optimal physical performance including advice on ergonomic substances as well as drug prevention.
  • Overseeing and administering a resistance training facility for athletes.
  • Supervising weight room personnel, which may include recommendations for hiring, performance evaluation, training, work allocation, and problem resolution.
  • Assisting in aspects of athlete recruiting and promotion of the weight room.
  • And, as with all positions, performing miscellaneous job-related duties as they present themselves.


Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach – North Carolina – $33,000 + benefits
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach – Nova Southeastern U. – $26,500 + benefits
Strength Coach – Cal State University, Fresno – $28,000-$35,000 + benefits
Strength Coach – UT San Antonio – $37,500 + benefits
NFL Head Strength Coach – Between $90,000 and $185,000 + benefits

Note that salaries vary dependent upon years of practice, education level, geographic region and the size of the community.

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