Sports Facilities – Engineering / Building Maintenance Jobs

Engineering crew members perform a variety of tasks related to engineering, maintenance, upkeep and safe operations of the event center and related facilities. They also assist with field and facility conversions preparing for various events at the facility.

Some of the main duties include completing routine and complex maintenance and/or repairs using hand tools and/or heavy duty equipment. Some examples of this include painting (both externally and internally), general maintenance (pipes and electrical), and patch-working minor defects.

As with many jobs that require a large amount of manual labor, Engineering and maintenance jobs are frequently involved in lifting, carrying or moving/positioning objects weighing up to and exceeding 50 pounds when preparing the field or stadium before, during or after a game or event.

This position also requires frequent bending and crouching on top of lifting on a regular basis throughout the workday. Engineers and maintenance workers may also assist with related maintenance, upkeep, improvement and safety projects around the ballpark and in other related facilities, including offices, parking lots and other complex areas of the facility.

Along with the large amount of manual labor, this position also requires response to service requests, and maintenance of supplies and equipment. Higher ranking employees often inspect jobs and projects to ensure compliance and/or conformance with company standards, building and safety codes or engineering specifications. They also perform periodic inspections of buildings and make recommendations on needed repairs and/or installations.

These positions usually require a significant background in construction, facilities maintenance or related fields. Many require or strongly suggest having a two or four-year degree in engineering, construction or related field as well.


Major League Baseball: $25 – $32 per hour + Overtime
National Football League: $20 – $40 per hour + Overtime
National Basketball Association: $16 – $30 per hour + Overtime
National Hockey League: $14 – $24 per hour + Overtime
Collegiate: $12 – $30 per hour + Overtime

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