Sports Internship Opportunities

In the sports industry, probably more than in most other industries, having an internship is critical to young professionals beginning their career in sports. You probably know that internships are temporary jobs that last anywhere from a few weeks to one year. Internships are entry-level positions at sports-related companies that allow students or recent graduates to learn the basics involved in a particular field such as sports marketing and promotions, public relations, athletics administration…there are lots of possibilities.

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It is not uncommon for a sports internship to lead to a job offer.

Reasons to Intern

Why do you need a sports internship? In our member’s section, you’ll find out exactly why! We also provide much-needed advice for interviewing, provide a list of sports organizations with established internship programs, and describe the best ways to take advantage of an internship once you’ve landed one.

Some key things you’ll learn about sports internships include:

  • Networking – Many people working in the sports industry will tell you that the primary benefits of having a sports internship are the networking opportunities provided.
  • Learning opportunities – The primary goal of an internship is to gain exposure to the basic inner workings of a company related to your sports career aspirations.
  • Competitive Advantages – An sports internship most definitely gives you a leg up on the competition for full-time jobs in sports. With so many people trying to get into the sports industry, a quality internship on your resume will help you get an interview and get the job.

Not all internships are unpaid. You’ll learn that many sports organizations pay their interns while others issue college credit.

Types of Sports Internship Opportunities

Want to learn about the possibilities? We cover internships with:

  • Professional Sports League Offices
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Sports Agencies
  • Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Companies
  • College Athletic Departments

We tell you where to start your search and provide advice on preparing for your interview, interviewing, and more. There’s even an insightful interview with someone who is currently an intern with the National Basketball Association.

Take full advantage of our sports internships section because it just might help you get a foot inside the door.

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