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There you’ll learn about paying and internship jobs with online sports publishers, print magazines, journals, and of course newspapers.

These jobs are plentiful and we’ll tell you how to pursue them and provide a list of potential employers and trade associations.

Interested in sports broadcasting jobs? There has been a proliferation of sports talk radio channels throughout the nation…24-hour sports news and talk. There are even far more television opportunities due to pay-per-view, satellite sports channels, and new cable channels.

You can guess that there have never been so many sports broadcasting jobs available for people wanting to get on-air television or radio broadcasting positions.

Sports Journalism Employment Niches

This section of SportsCareerFinder is among the most intriguing in part because the jobs are so highly visible. Check out the topics covered in our sports broadcasting and journalism section:

Sports Journalism

  • Education Requirements
  • Ethics
  • Originality Pays Off
  • Objectivity Always
  • Networking
  • Media Categories: Print and Electronic
  • A Day in the Life (on ‘game day’)

Broadcasting Jobs

  • Play-by-Play Announcers
  • Color Commentary & Analyst Jobs
  • Sports Talk Radio Host
  • Behind the Scenes: Producing, sales and marketing
  • Property Owned Media Outlets

Sports Photography & Videography

  • Sports Photographer and Videographer Jobs


  • Sports Media Associations and Resources

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