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Nutritionist Jobs

Technically, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. There are no regulations on calling oneself a nutritionist and offering dietary advice.  For this reason, the majority of the above mentioned positions (Personal Trainer jobs, Strength Coach, Physical Therapist jobs, Speed Trainer, etc.) include nutritional advice along with their other services. For those that want to take a more serious approach to nutrition and diet, it is best to look into training to become a dietician.

Dietician Jobs

To become a registered dietician, one must go through a four-year degree taking all of pre-requisite classes necessary including a large amount of biology, chemistry and nutrition classes. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree, perspectives apply for an internship through the American Dietetic Association accreditation service.  This is a one-year internship. At the end of the one-year internship the perspective dietician must take a final practicum exam to get the certification necessary to work as an officially registered dietician.


According to the American Dietetic Association, median annualized wages for registered Dieticians varied by practice as follows:

Consultation and Business – $54,800
Food and Nutrition Management – $62,000
Education and Research – $62,200
Clinical Nutrition/Ambulatory Care – $50,800
Clinical Nutrition/Long-Term Care – $52,000
Community Nutrition – $46,800
Clinical Nutrition/Acute Care – $47,000

Note that salaries vary dependent upon years of practice, education level, geographic region and the size of the community.

More Nutritionist Salary Information:


ADA’s website at:

Another great source of information is The Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Book – American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide

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