College Sports Jobs – Dept. Chair for Phys. Ed., Fitness, and Sports Science

The administrator in charge of campus education in fitness, sports science and teacher education for physical fitness is responsible for providing vision and oversight for the university’s physical education department, intramural program, clubs, recreation and equipment rental programs, and fitness and physical conditioning and wellness programs. The director or chair will serve as the head of the physical education department. The executive director is responsible for all budget, administrative, personnel and facilities management areas associated with the university, including project (construction) management, public relations and fund-raising.

The department chair or director provides general leadership, direction and supervision for the following programs: wellness center, intramurals and club sports. In consultation with the business officer, the chair develops an annual budget and makes allocations of annual funding for each individual program area; inspects all facilities periodically to ensure that they are safe, properly maintained and being properly used; insures that appropriate security measures are taken to prevent loss or misuse of equipment or facilities; plans and develops funding strategies to provide improvements and renovations of existing facilities as well as the development of new facilities; serves as the sponsor of all major capital construction projects and facility/program fee referenda proposals; meets with visitors and prospective students seeking information on programs, facilities, and many more responsibilities.

The director should demonstrate the ability to analyze current processes and programs and provide direction for enhancing, streamlining, adding efficiency or generally improving processes. He or she should also demonstrate knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis methods, with the ability to assess and evaluate program effectiveness.

Qualifications. Master’s or Ph.D/Ed.D in sports science, physical education, sports management or related field; more than 10 years experience in the collegiate and/or recreational or NCAA Division I, II or III athletics area. Member of NASPA, ACPA and/or other related professional organization.

Salary range. Smaller institutions will average $55,000 while larger institutions can pay as high as $100,000.

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