College Sports Jobs – Associate Athletic Director of NCAA Compliance

This position of Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at the NCAA level usually reports to the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Administration and Program Integrity and is responsible for the administration of the compliance unit within the Department of Athletics. This position provides leadership to the compliance unit relative to education, monitoring, enforcement and maintenance of an NCAA compliant department culture; administers the department’s compliance program and recommends appropriate actions to ensure compliance throughout the department is consistent with NCAA regulations; assigns, directs and effectively supervises a professional staff; maintains a thorough knowledge of NCAA rules compliance (i.e., recruiting, financial aid, eligibility, extra benefits, etc).

The compliance officer, in addition to legislative and academic support staff, serves as liaison between coaches and university admissions and financial aid offices as well as the eligibility coordinator. Additionally, they are directly responsible for the admissions process of student athletes and work closely with the Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Services and Eligibility Coordinator regarding the eligibility of all prospects and current student-athletes. They are directly responsible for compliance education, the recruiting process, agent program and relevant NCAA compliance reports. The compliance officer prepares reports for senior administrators as appropriate, conducts preliminary investigations, and processes all secondary violations including eligibility reinstatement. The compliance officer will investigate and handle major cases in collaboration with the Senior Associate, develop and often will chair a compliance committee to include representation campus-wide.

Also, they are responsible for the oversight of the compliance budget; if assigned by Athletic Director, serves as administrative sport supervisor providing guidance for assigned Division I, II, or III sports programs including responsibility for the direction, supervision and evaluation of related coaching staffs, monitoring and approving sport schedules, budgets and expenditures and interacting positively with booster club(s) and fans. Supervision responsibility includes attending athletic events as required and a willingness to travel. Assisting the Sr. Associate Athletic Director in oversight of the department’s Title IX and gender equity efforts is also a major part of the role. This job also requires the compliance officer to participate in the NCAA Certification process for the university along with exercising good judgment and reporting as needed to the Sr. Associate AD, AD, NCAA and Conference as appropriate.

Last, they should foster and maintain good relationships with department, university and external personnel, support the department’s commitment to equity and diversity, and perform all duties with integrity and professionalism.

Qualifications. The compliance officer is one who is usually originating with a background in law (Juris Doctorate) or related experience working with NCAA and NJCAA regulations. Often it is an entry-level position for aspiring Athletic Directors but features little time dealing with any issue outside of eligibility and compliance. Past experience working in the athletic department along with an undergraduate and graduate degree are highly recommended.

Salary Ranges. As a part time position at an NJCAA institution it can be as low as $10,000; smaller colleges will have less restriction on qualifications but pay may be under $40,000 while the larger institutions can pay up to $90,000 annually.

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