College Sports Jobs – Equipment Manager

The equipment manager procures, directs, and coordinates a variety of duties dealing with the purchasing, distribution, and maintenance of athletic equipment and uniforms to all student athletes for all college athletic programs. This position often reports to the Athletic Director, receives general direction regarding routine and standard matters, as well as specific instructions regarding non-routine and highly sensitive matters.

The equipment manager directs and coordinates a full range of duties in all facets of athletic equipment and uniforms, including but not limited to:

  • Advising staff in health and safety equipment requirements
  • Managing the purchasing of athletic equipment and uniforms
  • Assisting with budget development for individual athletic programs
  • Conferring with coaches to review purchases and maintenance of equipment
  • Preparing and updating a variety of records and reports concerning all athletic equipment and uniforms
  • Preparing proposals for purchasing
  • Negotiating with vendors/wholesalers for purchasing discounts
  • Developing a strategy/calendar for equipment repair and maintenance of equipment
  • Maintaining and updating a variety of records and reports concerning all athletic equipment and uniforms
  • Supervising and training staff, coaches, and students
  • Coordinating game set up, equipment and team travel
  • Performing related duties as assigned

Qualifications. Most equipment managers have worked in the equipment area prior to becoming the head equipment manager. The budget and maintenance of the inventory requires a familiarity with all athletic needs. May require working flexible hours, weekends and nights; requires travel to attend contests.

Salary Ranges. Equipment managers often are classified employees without degrees and thus have historically been paid less than many staff members in the athletic department. The pay at smaller institutions may be in the $20,000 range, while the top end can be as high as $75,000.

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