College Sports Jobs – Athletic Trainer

The athletic trainer supervises and coordinates the university or college sports medicine program. These duties include:

  • Injury prevention, evaluation, management, and treatment of athletic injuries
  • Short-term and long-term rehabilitation of athletic injuries
  • Education and counseling of student-athletes
  • Athletics related health care administration in consultation with and under the supervision of the team physician(s) and other qualified medical personnel.

The athletic trainer is required to travel extensively with all teams and often works late nights, weekends and holidays.The position also requires working closely with coaches on athletic rehabilitation, along with physicians, and health care staff. Since sports medicine is a constantly innovating field, sports trainers periodically attend seminars and classes to learn the latest prevention and treatment techniques.

Qualifications. A minimum of a four-year degree in physical therapy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology are required along with a license as an athletic trainer. Most highly sought after athletic trainer jobs require a Master’s degree in sports medicine or a related field to athletic training. Most candidates have a background in sports injury prevention and treatment.

Salary Ranges. Beginning at about $18,000, to an average of $35,000, to the top, $75,000.


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