College Sports Jobs – Health Care

The university health care team often consists of team physicians, under the direction of a lead doctor with a prominent reputation in the community. The team is often supported by an experienced staff of certified athletic trainers, a group of dedicated and hard-working student athletic trainers, and allied health care professionals.

Their mission is very simple – to provide the best possible health care for all university student-athletes. The health care staff usually is involved in many local, state, and national athletic training activities, and represents athletic trainers in many leadership positions. The team physician is the central figure in the care and treatment of the athletes.

Qualifications. Team doctors usually have a practice outside of the care of the care of the student athlete and are available to treat at their offices. Required to be a licensed M.D. to treat medical issues while often additional health care may be provided by registered nurses and certified athletic trainers when appropriate. The team medical care staff needs to be available to travel with the team and attend all events, as requested.

Salary Ranges. The starting pay for internships could be as low as $20,000 to as high as $200,000 for the head doctor. Rate of pay often is dictated by school size and number of contests to be covered.

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