College Sports Jobs – Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes

Ever fancied yourself as an academic tutor?  Many universities employ a full-time Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes who assists the student athlete with scheduling of classes, support services in class, scheduling tutoring sessions, internships and other academic related matters.

The advisor will also provide academic, financial, and personal advising to student-athletes and monitor academic achievement. Usually advisors will meet on a regular basis with the student athlete to monitor academic progress and continue planning for the upcoming semester. The academic advisor will also work closely with the compliance officer to monitor athletic eligibility.

Since many student-athletes are recipients of scholarships that are contingent upon maintenance of a specific grade point average, the academic advisor is also in constant contact with the school’s registrar and financial aid departments.  When a student is in danger of losing their scholarship, it is the academic advisor’s duty to recognize the warning signs and take proactive steps to work with the student to improve their classwork.

Qualifications. Equivalent to B.S. plus two years’ professional student services program experience; higher education advising experience preferred. This person should also have excellent interpersonal skills and should enjoy building relationships with students and faculty alike.
Salary Ranges. Monthly salary ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 per month depending on institutional size and starting position.

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