College Sports Jobs – Athletics Ticket Director

Athletic departments at all levels of college athletics are now forced not to only win contests but to fill the stands with paying customers. If you have a Ticket Manager job, your duties will include tracking the sale of all the tickets, the revenue produced and the final accounting.

The size of the university or college will drive the department’s staff that supports the ticket director. Also, the ticket director will work closely with the marketing department of the school to develop season ticket packages, corporate relationships for ticket sales and the booster club. Often the ticket director is required to have an extensive understanding of computer technology as most sales are now done over the Internet; this has reduced walk-up sales and the need for heavy staffing on site.

It is important to note that ticket sales are almost entirely focused on the revenue producing sports. While these dollars are less significant at smaller schools, large schools in highly competitive conferences rely heavily on ticket sales for football, basketball, and sometimes baseball, to bring money in to the program. Even at large institutions, less visible sports such as track and field, or soccer sell tickets very cheaply or even free, making the focus on these programs much less intense.

Qualifications. At larger institutions a degree in business, or accounting may be required while smaller schools only may look for past experience in accounting/ticket sales.

Salary Ranges. Introductory positions start at $20,000, average around $35,000, to the top, $45,000.

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