Sports Marketing Account Manager / Director

By the time one reaches the level of sports marketing account manager or director, experience has granted a small break from the day-to-day responsibilities associated with execution, with greater emphasis on new business development and relationship building.

The majority of this person’s time is spent managing the relationships between the organization and the various sponsors. Daily meetings are the norm, as this person travels to local and regional offices to meet with current and potential clients. As a senior member of the sports sponsorship team, this person has greater authority over strategic decisions, as well as increased accountability for performance.

An account manager/director must possess outstanding public speaking skills. This person plays a critical role in landing new athletics sponsors and fostering the relationships of existing ones. An ability to follow through on expectations and balance the many demands of numerous major corporations means this person cannot be averse to high pressure. 

Account managers should have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business, communications, media, or advertising. A master’s degree is not required, although helpful. Minimum previous work experience is 5-7 years. The most relevant previous jobs are those related to sales, brand strategy, and promotions. Salaries are commensurate with experience and to a degree, performance. Variance is primarily due to the size and profitability of the organization. A typical account manager/director will make between $50,000 and $100,000. This is definitely a sports job for which one might aspire.

Sports Marketing – VP for Business Development