College Sports Jobs – Video Services Coordinator

This sports video coordinator position often falls under the umbrella of the Sports Information Director but at larger institutions may be a position that has the single job of video services. Most college athletic teams film not only games, but also practices for assistance in improving on the field performance.

The advances in technology have allowed significant advantages to be gained from viewing film on both opponents and the school’s team. Individual performances can be isolated on film allowing the athlete and coach to view specific ways to improve technique. The coordinator in charge of sports video services can provide an advantage through using technology and video to meld into DVD production for athletes and coaches to use as another coaching tool.

Qualifications. A degree in technology, video or a related field that demonstrates an understanding of equipment usage is required. Also, an understanding of the operations of computers, video equipment, cameras and editing machines. The position requires a great deal of flexibility in scheduling as all sports will require video support. Also, an understanding of athletics and coaching is highly desirable.

Salary Ranges. Internships may start at. $12,000, to a high end of $ 40,000 at larger institutions.

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