College Sports Jobs – Recruiting Coordinator

The majority of positions that focus almost exclusively on recruiting are in football. Many schools will use assistant coaches to fulfill the duties as recruiting coordinator and limit their time coaching a specific position on the field. The sports recruiting coordinator is among the hardest working members of the staff and commits very long hours to the job. Responsibilities range from on field coaching to evaluation of talent.

The majority of the job requires the coordinator to work closely with the compliance office for specifics of NCAA recruiting rules (or other rules, e.g., NJCAA rules). Additionally, the coordinator is responsible for assessing the athletes’ academic status in conjunction with the university’s entrance requirements. Both written and verbal communications are central to the coordinator’s success as he will constantly be involved with marketing the college, recruiting the athlete, and communicating with all parities impacting the athlete’s choice of which institution to attend.

Qualifications. The coach/recruiter will have a four-year degree. Teaching and coaching at the high school or college level and experience evaluating athletes at the college level are central to success. These two skills combined with organizational skills and communication skills are highly recommended.

Salary Ranges. Often junior college recruiting coordinators have the position as part of their coaching stipend (less than $5,000) while top-flight NCAA programs will limit on field/court responsibilities and pay more than $100,000 as a yearly salary.

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