Sports Product Jobs

Working in sports doesn’t mean you have to work for a team or league.  Many people that are interested in sports find it very exciting and rewarding to work on the sports products side.  This includes large product companies like Nike and Adidas all the way down to small shops that sell sport specific products such as ski or biking equipment. Product jobs usually contain three key components:

  • They require significant background knowledge in sports and athletics in general
  • They are fast paced and very competitive
  • They involve ever changing technologies that employees must be knowledgeable about

There is a great variety of options for those interested in a career in product sales as it relates to sports and otherwise. The jobs vary from manufacturer reps for sports apparel or accessories to general sporting goods store sales people to store managers to marketing and sales professionals at major sports brands (i.e., Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour).

Focus On: Product Merchandising Jobs

Below you will find some data on sports product brands. Exhibit A indicates the brands with the highest sales and media expenditures in 2005, and exhibit B


United States top eight athletic footwear brands ranked by sales and media expenditures in dollars and including market research data for 2005

Brand (Location)
1. Nike (Beaverton, OR)
2. New Balance (Boston, MA)
3. Reebok (Canton, MA)
4. Adidas (Portland, OR)
5. Skechers (Manhattan Beach, CA)
6. Converse (North Andover, MA)
7. K-Swiss (Westlake Village, CA)
8. Puma (Westford, MA)


United States sporting goods retail sales by six product categories in dollars and percent change for 2004 (figures in $billions)

Sporting Goods, Retail Sales, % change

Exercise Equipment, $3.96, +4.22%
Apparel, $24.08, +5.50%
Footwear, $9.98, +2.62%
Other, $9.92, +2.21%
Golf, $2.49, +2.89%
Outdoor, $1.77, +2.91%

Sports Manufacturer Reps (Apparel / Accessories)