Law Firms with Athlete Clients

The following list is a sampling of the vast numbers of law firms across the country involved in athlete representation. In addition to firms with specialized practices, there are large numbers of independent lawyers with athlete clients.

Andresen & Associates – In addition to representing athletes, this firm manages the intellectual property licensing of several sports-related companies. Based in Chicago.

Barnes & Thornburg – With over 40 attorneys in its Sports and Entertainment Practice Group, this firm manages clients in several major sports as well as on air media talent and facility developers. Seven offices in Illinois, Indiana, and Washington D.C.

Cindrich & Co. – Principal and former NFL linebacker, Ralph Cindrich, leads the firm’s athlete representation efforts in the NFL, CFL, NBA, and MLB. Based in Pittsburgh.

DiTrapano, Barrett, and DiPiero PLLC – This law firm has a division dedicated to sports law. Clients include NFL players Randy Moss and Chris Massey. Based in West Virginia.

Hopkins & Carley – Clients include athletes in the NHL, NASCAR, and minor league baseball. Based in San Jose, Ca.

Idell & Seitel – Is involved in sports law in a variety of capacities including: athlete representation, and intellectual property management and litigation for event producers and promoters, health clubs, fitness equipment companies, sports equipment manufacturers, and video game companies. Based in San Francisco.

Lynch, Gilardi, and Grummer – Based in San Francisco, this firm is involved in commercial, construction, and insurance law and litigation, along with sports representation. The firm’s clients play football in the NFL, AFL, CFL, and NFL Europe.

McGuireWoods LLC – A national firm with over 750 lawyers and 15 offices in its network, McGuireWoods has represented clients in professional football, NASCAR, golf, Major League Soccer, and track and field.

Ochoa & Moore Law Firm – A small firm based in Sacramento, CA, practices in multiple areas of law. Its sports practice is predominantly focused on PGA and LPGA athletes.

Smith Rynbrandt – A small firm specializing solely in sports law. Services include endorsements, contract and salary negotiation, legal reprentation and counsel, public relations and media representation, and licensing. Based in South Florida.

Whittier Law Firm – Has ten years of experience representing professional athletes, coaches, and teams in contract disputes, salary negotiations, and media deals. The firm has offices in New York and Houston.

Williams and Connolly – Headed by Lon Babby, this firm’s sports practice represents athletes in contract negotiations, marketing deals, and other business opportunities. Clients include Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Shane Battier, and Chamique Holdsclaw. Based in Washington D.C.

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